Thursday, December 22, 2011


i hate holidays. holidays are killing me. period.

i love working. yeah. you heard me right. im lovin my job dearly!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


wow. i really had forgotten how to blogwhore.

facebook really eats my brain.

Friday, November 11, 2011

latest update 12112011

nothing much. just felt like posting. testing windows live writer.

might begin to write again soon

Friday, July 22, 2011

Outing @ bukit besar KT & pantai batu buruk

Allah Peliharakanlah Terengganu... Amiin

First silhouetting attempt. Viewing Jambatan Sultan Mizan. Mydin bottom left.

Kalimah Allah overseeing Bandar KT

Downhill Bukit Besar

Failed bokeh attempt I

Failed bokeh attempt II

Inset: makcik mencari rezeki menjual layang2

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

Have loadsa reasoon to be happy about 2010 and 2011, particularly my career and my personal life. 2010 is awesome and i bet 2011 will be moar awesome!

And I really hope that my childhood dreams will come true!
*praying hard for good news in the next couple of weeks*

On the other hand, I wish a good fortune ahead for dear readers (who happens to read this blog, accidentally i bet lol)

2008 and 2009 had taught me what is hardship and how persistence will help you in ways you can never imagine. 2010 is a high time for me.

2011 I will be flying high above the sky =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

a nice song. just for you =)

 Tsukiakari Funwari Ochitekuru Yoru
Shin Chan ending theme eps 249-297 

(literal translation) 
The night when moonlight falls softly
Only of you
Without being simply it even if I think even if I think
The night when moon light falls softly
As for you and two people
I want to walk the paths of the moon leading to the end of the sea

South wind brushes cheeks
Like a gentle palm
The whole body did you color
I seem to be stained with dusk

## chorus

I want to tell to be in tune with wind
I hug such thought alone

The night when moon light falls softly
Only as for the sad words
Like a wave to repeat itself again and again, again and again
A story of the common small love
Only as for the epilogue
You of the smile want the pure white page

The love that it isn't encountered
I am carefree and am good rather
Whenever new morning comes
A dream is over by a sigh

Japanese Romaji
## Tsukiakari funwari ochitekuru yoru wa
Anata no koto bakari
kangaetemo kangaetemo tsukirukoto mo naku
Tsukiakari funwari ochitekuru yoru wa
Anata to futarikiri
Umi no hate e to tsuzuku tsuki no michi arukitai

Minamikaze ga hoho o nadete iku
yasashii te no hira no you ni
karadachuu ga anata iro shita
yuuyami ni somari sou de

# kaze ni nose tsutaetai
sonna omoi hitori dakishimeru

Tsukiakari funwari ochitekuru yoru wa
setsunai kotoba dake
nandodemo nandodemo kurikaesu nami no you ni
arifureta chiisana koi no monogatari
epiro-gu dake mitai
masshirona pe-jini egao no anata ga hoshii

awanaide irareru koi nara
isso kirakude iiyone
atarashii asa ga kuru tabini
tameiki de yume ga owaru

Repeat # ##


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


this raya not so good for me.

first day everything went ok. went 'beraya' with my sisters and bro. not very much to say, but its been an enjoyable outing.

usual raya routine, solat sunat, then g rumah sedara mara, then balik kg.

2nd day, early morning, makan lemang, which spells disaster to me till today. turns out that lemang oredi 'nak basi'.

to my perut, 'nak basi' means 'sudah rotten badly'. my stomach cannot tolerate even the slightest food that is uncooked, or nearly expired. i will get bitter diarrhoea for several days, which is what i'm facing right now. second raya, third raya and today, fourth raya i spend mostly in the toilet. last night, i counted almost 25 times i went to the loo from 12 midnight to the dawn. almost kene buasir lol.

thinking of going to the hospital. but i think the doctors wont do much. put in 'air' then wait wait and wait in the ward for a few days then discharge.routine for assholes getting paid thousands for dispensing panadols and antibiotics.sorry for my generalisation of their profession lol.

anyhow, sbb sakit perut nk kareb, upload pics dulu. tata...

sisters n mama

me and bdk2 kecik (one called me ayah for no reason at all lol)

me and sis

Monday, September 21, 2009

a belated hari raya wish

homemade dodol

homemade lemang

selamat hari raya to all readers. nak rasa lemang dan dodol jemputla ke rumah. unfortunately lemang dah habis, so rasa dodol jela.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

one word

16th August 2009.

so many words to say to describe it.

in the end, only one word can define it all...



Saturday, August 8, 2009

it haz another caturday


to do list today

ponteng kerja

go to clinic. check my one-week-old cough

get an mc





and they say life is interesting.

irony? i bluntly say bullshit. lol.

All I can say is dat my life is pretty plain.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

asia ceramic

in the mood for multiple updates today. first, asia ceramic.

i'm not going to comment on BNM's action. it's their duty to investigate any monetary-related cases or suspicious transactions by legitimate or illegitimate companies.

indeed, this company have a weird taste of a business plan.

buying a cheapo clay for more than a thousand bucks is strange enough. and selling it back for a higher price? hurm...

one may suspect this is the case of money laundering. a racket of crime syndicate trying to make illegitimate money usable in mass market. seems like a movie, but plausible.

well, suffice to say i certainly hope it's not what i thought it is. and too bad for anyone who recently chuck their money in. BNM will freeze the money and looking at previous record of BNM investigations, god knows when they will release the money.


looking at this link, one might say it's related to the news above.

sadly, it's just a cheap ass bastard trying to push his website up the google search to attract traffics.

and its fucking annoying to find out the link i just clicked on is just a waste of bandwidth.

eff. at least write something lah... ugh!

need advice

I'm buying another property in Penang. ~5km from Bukit Mertajam and ~2km Kulim, double storey terrace house. 20x60 sqft. selling at RM95k. got security guard also in the housing area.


in Kulim, taman selasih. terrace, single storey, corner lot selling at 85k. big area and can renovate some more.

which one u think the best? just asking opinion here he he.

ASB loan

to those of you who already had ASB loan from local banks, just carry on. this is just a friendly advice for my friends who have not done so.

ASB is incorporated by PNB as BUMIPUTERA ONLY trust fund, as an incentive to encourage saving habits to bumis and enculcate investment without exposing them to unnecessary risks.

however, most of malays are lacking the fund to join ASB to reap its full benefit. average return per year is around 7% lately.

this is where banks giving away loans for this fund.

i read through the internet, and i reached to a conclusion that taking loans for asb is not a smart method of investment.

unless you cannot discipline yourself in saving your money.

banks saw this as an opportunity to gain money without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. offering at BLR -1.25% (actual rate of some bank) this seems attractive. i, however, see this just as another alibaba license. banks dont have to be a malay to invest in asb, rather, they used their customer's name in obtaining asb certs.

and during bad times, BLR can go as high as 12%. instead of you getting the dividend, you are paying the banks for nothing! i know this is the worst case scenario, but no one can predict the future.

it's better you save your money little by little. you will have full control of your finances and who knows, maybe you need extra funds in emergency?

unless you cannot discipline yourself and need to be forced to pay monthly loan, don't take ASB loan because it's just a way banks make free profits with minimal risk.

i hate it when i thought of working for the bank for free. i expect them to pay me, not the other way around.

i know the loan means you have a leverage for your money in the long run. however the return is too small <10% making it unattractive, at all. only make loans where you can be confident that the spread is more than 10%.

well, that's just imho. any comments are welcomed =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

rant 002 - hopeless

funny pictures of cats with captions




i really hope they postpone convocation since i'm having the worst time of the year (sorry to sound selfish, but this is just a mere personal hope. kinda like self-thought)

someone lend me a non-judgmental ear pls? or a shoulder to cr... er nvm.

apparently, u can find many cross-eyed guys in construction industry.

funny pictures of cats with captions

or maybe its just me?