Wednesday, August 5, 2009

asia ceramic

in the mood for multiple updates today. first, asia ceramic.

i'm not going to comment on BNM's action. it's their duty to investigate any monetary-related cases or suspicious transactions by legitimate or illegitimate companies.

indeed, this company have a weird taste of a business plan.

buying a cheapo clay for more than a thousand bucks is strange enough. and selling it back for a higher price? hurm...

one may suspect this is the case of money laundering. a racket of crime syndicate trying to make illegitimate money usable in mass market. seems like a movie, but plausible.

well, suffice to say i certainly hope it's not what i thought it is. and too bad for anyone who recently chuck their money in. BNM will freeze the money and looking at previous record of BNM investigations, god knows when they will release the money.


looking at this link, one might say it's related to the news above.

sadly, it's just a cheap ass bastard trying to push his website up the google search to attract traffics.

and its fucking annoying to find out the link i just clicked on is just a waste of bandwidth.

eff. at least write something lah... ugh!


chunk said...
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chunk said...

hari tu dpt msg suh bkk link ni kalo nk tau good news dari bank negara psal investigation on CBC ni..

tp br arini dpt bkk..lalu tertulis seperti begini


Info yang diletak di muka surat ini telah di delete bagi mengelakkan dimanipulasikan oleh penyangak-penyangak yang busuk hati macam bangkai.

Jika anda mahu info gembira terkini, sila hubungi upline anda .

Selamat Bergembira!!

p/s: sigh..x sempat nk tau good news tu..haha