Thursday, May 28, 2009

a good, deserving win

barca 2-0 manyoo.

such an astonishing performance from the catalan club would be an understatement of their effort tonight. heaps of praises should go to iniesta for his superb performance controlling the midfield. etoo and messi for their finishing. and efforts from henry, xavi, puyol.

and where the f*** is ronaldo? greatest footballer my a**. losing his pace against carlos puyol is one thing, but losing his cool against his opponent? seeing what he has done to puyol, i really think the fans should rethink about all the hype that has been given to him. all he played tonight was anything but football. period. and he has not been influential tonight. not enough to justify all the credits he had been given.

pep guardiola should be given proper credit to the team's win tonight. after all, barcelona really played as a team, with all those fluid passes, slick through passes and effective runs that outclassed the supposedly epl champions.

come to think of it, is epl THAT competitive? or is it just another hype? or is it just that la liga is so much better than epl?

you decide. =)

henry and messi:

ni lol:

pep guardiola, one of few men who won champs league both as player and manager:

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mangifera said...

Man U takde fighting spirit sangat. lemau sial. tak dramatik langsung tengok. macam kena titik bodoh2 je.

I mean, it's CL final tu. bukan game lawan west brom albion ke yang nak buat bodoh je. entah much for the best team in English football. maybe jugak ronaldo dah besar kepala sebab status world best player, rasa diri dia tu madonna so kalau takdak dia sure team kalah. come on la, football is a team effort bukan one man miracle though one man could change the whole gameplay. :)

Though hoping for LFC to grab next year final CL. You'll Never Walk Alone. :)