Saturday, June 20, 2009

Between different views and conflicting interest

when talking about views and interest, one might wonder, are there any connection between those two? 'view' here is taken from the context of your paradigm, outlook and vision to an issue or an individual. many would say 'most' of our views are clouded by our interest, as we are, subconciously, a narcissistic creature. when we look into something, no matter how far reaching it is, subconciously we think of what's in it that might affect us, either positively or negatively.

this is by far, how our brain works. we live in our own sphere of life. and we try to connect our sphere to others', while maintaining our own. this social instinct is hardwired into us by Allah as a mean to protect ourselves, family, religion, race, aspiration, political ideology and many more.

however, most of the time, this mechanism can be very annoying to people around you. and sadly, this is how people in Malaysia reacts when it comes to politics.

i can say, the people around me can be divided into four groups, politically. Pro government, pro PR, indifferent group and critical group. the first two are really a bunch of annoying people. they don't allow critical thoughts that provoke their skeptical minds seep through their brain and trigger their thinking switches.

let me take an example. a BN leader is convicted with corruption. immediately the response from pro PR bloggers are BN korap, UMNO rasuah, UMNO itu ini, wihout any hesitation. this generalisation of people is culturally repressive and does not promote development of quality thinking. another example, when a PAS state representative is having a marital problem involving his second wife, immediately the response are pemimpin PAS mempergunakan agama, berpolitik atas pentas agama especially from pro BN bloggers.

and all those name callings - YB BABI, Najis, mamakdey, muka sembap, and many more are just nauseating and plain disgusting. if you want to comment, dear readers of politic blogs, do it intelligently and give comments that add values. not comments that insults your own intelligence. if you want to post hu-ha comments, do it on a private blog, please. this is simply saddening. our political attitude is simply not showing signs of maturity, although at some point, we do realise that government is not all angels and PR is not all devils, and we don't really take mainstream news for granted.

anyway, good luck malaysia. may the best be with us the loyal citizens of Malaysia, no matter who the government is.

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