Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the grandiose of having the intent of making things happen

this world spins with only one rule: uncertainty.

and yet, we plan.

and plan.

and plan.

And it becomes a necessity to plan just to control those uncertainties. Unfortunately, it's always the other way around. In the end, GOD determines our life.

We plan, He determines. (kita merancang, Allah menentukan)

While planning, we may forget that All-Powerful is the the one who plan for us earlier. And sometimes, we plan arrogantly, telling people that this will work, this is going to happen, things are so predictable and no problems are expected, and worst, telling people that your plan is going to work no matter what.

In short, arrogance.

And unexpected things will hit you at times like this. You will suffer. All your supposedly great plans will vanish into thin air. Your dreams shatter. And destiny shows you no mercy at all.

and you realize, no matter how much you try to control your life, there will always be a twist of plot for you.

Don't worry, those are necessary lessons of life. Never regret your life at all.

Having intentions of making your dreams realized already proved that you're a champion at challenging life, not a sore loser who sulks at his mediocre lowlife (no matter how grand he lives).

have a good day =)

oh ya, this is an apology postt, as i promised b =)

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