Sunday, July 5, 2009

celcom totally suck this week

i used to connect to the internet using my PDAphone as a modem. however, this phone will become scorching hot and its battery life is getting worse every day.

so i decided, its time to buy a dedicated 3g modem. and its kinda cheap right now, just over rm150, compared to rm399 months ago.

so i bought one last week, and happily plugged it in my PC. speed was good, at least comparable to my PDAphone, until last friday.

see for yourself:

wtf HSDPA with this kind of speed? not even 5KBps!
dear celcom. if you want to sell this kind of service, dont name it celcom broadband. name it celcom dialup or anything other than broadband/3G/HSDPA.
and this is not my 3g modem's fault as i tested my subscription with my PDAphone and it's just the same (<5kbps)
dont make me switch to winet or other providers. once i switch, i will never go back. and i will make sure everyone around me knows how bad your service is.


Faiz Rev said...



cerukcom berukband

sabar je la ropi. huhu

Mohammad Saifuddin said...

I've tried some of the others, so I can say Celcom is actually ok. I need a connection when I'm on the run. I don't have any big problems with Celcom. Now Maxis and DiGi, that's another story.

kokokranc said...

the problem ceased yeasterday. now the service is back to normal.

the connectiom is not as fast as advertised, but i only need steady connection and that's what im getting. so im not switching just yet.