Sunday, July 19, 2009

rant no001: no fun anymore

i'm depressed. yes i am. no matter how i'm trying to hide it, i still feel empty. on weekends, i sleep the whole day. on weekdays, i work till 6p.m. and at night, i spend my time browsing through the empty space of internet about things that is never going to affect me at all. then i sleep.

where's the weekends i used to have while i was in college? or the weekends i had during my intern? lepaking with friends and people of many sorts. i must admit that right now my social skill is nearly paralysed. living with parents isn't helping at all. it just doesn't feel right to go mamak and watch football, go back home at 2am while my parents are sleeping.

everybody's busy. so do i. but i think i'm being unfair to myself. it's all work and no fun now. i'm really messed up right now. to quit my job means that i'm giving up hope on my life.i don't want to talk about it with anyone. not even to closest people in my life.

ah just forget it. my life sucks. why ramble about it anyway? adios

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penJelaJahJuJur said...

oo nice oo great.
the very thing i suffered during intern. minus the internet connection. we don't have those back then.
all i did in afterwork hours was missing utp n friends, badly enuff i even feel like further for master.

now u just scared me.

good luck.