Tuesday, July 7, 2009

get well soon sis!

to kakak,

sorry to hear the bad news. we certainly hope that you will get well real soon. don't worry too much because our prayers are with you and we hope your dengue fever is not serious.

nyamuk jahat!

mama, ayah and adik2 certainly missed your presence and are looking forward to your arrival this coming august, my dear sis. so promise me you will get well soon ok?

he he, she's one great adik whom i called kakak since kecik lol. imagine when we both talk to each other, 'kakak' and 'abang' huhuhu.

ps - bila boleh buat surat MC nih? tak larat nak beli dari klinik lah. mahal mintak hang buat free ar nnt. kira setel utang =D

from your beloved abang

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