Sunday, July 19, 2009

random thoughts 001

today i watched transformers 2. not in the cinema btw and i confess that i slept halfway into the story. then i woke up 10 minutes before it ends and wtf the robots fought each other till the end of the dvd. no wonder i fell asleep then, 2 hours of continuous screeching metals and screaming tires wtf. and megan fox's hotness can't redeem the worth of this movie. yea i know partly because of he clubbed thumbs wtf that is a major turn-off for me.

well clubbed thumbs or not, if you google hard enough, you can find pictures of her wearing only nip-guard. wtf ONLY NIP GUARD. no pictures here I'm trying not to be a pervert lol.

just forget about my previous post. i rarely post in anger. when i do, i realy mean it. and the 'this is my rant' warning is just to warn you readers that i need to release my anger to my blog, not YOU. if you find my post depressing and offensive, go and read something else at your pleasure. that post wasn't meant for you anyway.

on contrast, i am happy today. no worries whatsoever. and my work went on smoothly. i don't really care anymore as i think i need to value experience more than anything else. if there's any other offer, i will go. no need giving myself a big headache thinking about something I can't control.

since tomorrow is weekend i want to have a nice relaxing break at home.

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