Tuesday, August 19, 2008

great great time

last night was my drama class. yea i suck for taking drama for my co-cu this semester. there are much 'cooler' cocu i can take like sports science, etc2x, but since this co-cu subject already suck, i guess getting into this artsy thing is not a worst thing to do.

had a great time, actually, i must admit. it's been awhile since i last taken non-maths class. doing facial expressions while not having any emotions attached to it, priceless. I even scared the poop out of my classmate for my angry expression LOL.

however, this Drama Queen in our class really annoys me. She needs to learn that in order to get through the class, you have to keep the lecturer happy. her reluctancy to show facial expressions really annoys us all. it's not that i love this drama class. i hate it. totally. but i know i had to keep the instructor happy, so we can go home early, and happily. This Drama Queen keep saying i cant icant icant like its some kind of evil sin to do it.and that dragged the whole class down. damn it.

and yesterday, i just knew how it feels like after months and years of patience and waiting. and it pays back. it really feels good!. like you 0wn3d the world! tq darling... i will not waste my chances. not anymore :)