Monday, August 18, 2008

Industrial Training

this is my general experience doing industrial training in klcc. there are pros and cons. so as a gide to anyone who wanted to do their internship in KL, here it goes:

location: klcc
company: xxxx
dept: xxxx

scope of work:
as a trainee, you will be treated as, well, trainee. this is the best part. if you are given any work, you didnt manage to finish it on time (for watever reasons, malas included), u can just say "sya tak reti" or "boleh tak tlg guide lg, sbb kerja ni sy rs susah nk paham".

and they'll treat you as a student. that means, no serious engineering works - design, etc. unless you request it. believe me, if u want it, u can just sit on yr table without doing anything in 8 months. but youll be troubled when it comes to weekly logs and final report.

logs and reports. this is the best part. u can choose to copy and paste previous trainees' reports. they are abundant and are of no worries.

well, i lived in kl for 8 months and i can say that its true that it is full of entertainment, day and night, provided u know how and who to look for.

the only downside is, being paid like a clerk, money is your limitation. be 'wise' when doing claims. perah cukup2 mana2 yg boleh claim. and if possible, try as hard as you can to participate in outdoor activities. my company is generous in giving claims to employees.

as for ponteng2/curik tulang/tgv during office hours, i cannot tell directly. pandai2 la korang nk idop keje kat klcc. ive been there and done it. all i can say is the notion that 'keje kat klcc lepak' is quite true up to some point.

we did have our stressful day. be fair la i did the metocean for vietnam yatagun platform and it sucks. analyzing wind speed/wave/tide data each for every 10 mins daily for 5 years WTF.

makan2 is an easy thing to find in kl, but the delicious ones u have to find la. staffs in klcc usually have their lunch in central plaza (a building beside klcc) or BSN in klcc itself is very expensive. expect rm6 for nasi campur biasa. dont worry spending >rm10 per day on food will be regular when uve grown accustomed to it. (this is the part ure grateful to pak ali's price LOL)

LRT is one of the most important mode of transportation if u dont have any other options. but beware when it's 7am-9am, 530pm-7pm on weekdays. it'll be hell. buy a monthly pass if u can. itll help u a lot skipping q's. and once a year there's this event where all this nerdy hackers, innocent ppl who flock klcc convention center to buy PC parts at 'low price' while in fact, some of the goods over there are overpriced. i think ppl call it pc fair. and it WILL BE HELL WAITING IN LINE FOR LRT on friday (office ppl + nerdy ppl + pc parts).

as for single guys out there, if youre good enough, u can find many college girls to be yr gf , esp if youre living in condo/apartment rented by private colleges for their students. but remember, they do have curfews, so take them back before 11 XD a quick tips: dont say that ure a trainee to them. u can just tell them ure an engineer. they'll never bother the details lol.

life in kl is great, but comes with a cost
pcsb treats us kindly, like a student
no serious work unless upon request (yea i suck requesting this metocean job lol)

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