Tuesday, October 21, 2008

moi fyp (read: my miserable fyp)

Waiting sucks.im at the offshore lab waiting for my labmate to bring a few important stuffs for my fyp (final year project).ims stuck here, my project stalled and i havent seen my sv for ages,the last time being him trashing my supposedly dissertation a.k.a final report.i dont mind,sir as long as you passed me in my wrecking project.

I know whining wont solve anything, but as far as im concerned,my fyp sucks.who cares about the pipelines lying in the ocean anyway?certainly not you.sigh.no use ranting about this and that about my project.ive taken it,so i must be responsible for it.

Lets hope i can finish this miserable project a.s.a.p.its already killing me.

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