Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raya dinner

last night i went to hari raya dinner with civil dept.

I have no complains on this event, except that there's simply too little food last night! Its just not worth the rm25 we have to pay. Id rather go to muven peak and go eat all i want. lucky i didnt fast that day or i'll be hungry the whole event!

Otherwise the event was a success,i must say. The not so nice part is,wen our batch's farewell video was played.not that its a sad moment for us, but the picture of me that they used.damn im hairy at the time.long haired and bearded, with moustache. Goddamnit, at least ask me for photos! Dont just take it from my fs for goodness sake! *sigh* Whatever.everybody laughed at it.nvm,ill just take it as a compliment,though.

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