Monday, October 13, 2008

utp network n me =)

Who am I in utp?im no just a final year student waiting for a few more weeks to finish my studies and go out into the working I just going to be just another undergraduate from utp?does my existence here gives no impact to others?

Well,I guess so.

As for now I want to talk about network in I qualified to talk about it?lets see who am I really.

Currently im the maintainer and owner of v5 dc++ hub.I am also the fifth admin and the second root admin of kampung5.I prepared and maintained the k5 imagehosting,which is used extensively by cameraphiles in utp.I am also the owner of the temp irc network,when isn't available.

Still not enough?I provide fedora and ubuntu software repository for member of UTPOSSA,but not anymore since im busy with everything else.

Ok.done with that.that is my history.kinda boring isn't it?im going to graduate anyway.

Im not going to blabber much about myself.I want to talk about OUR network.yes u heard me.OUR very own utp network.

I've been here since first encounter of student network services is with used to be one single server connecting users throughout v1-v4 (v5 doesn't even exist that time,n v1 n v2 only got internet access in late 2004).user counts averaging 1000+ users at any time given.

my first favourite mirc channel?its gotta be #bingseng.what is #bingseng?if utpchat is a breathing animal,bingseng is its heart.bingseng is among the first channel that promotes the usage of utp network as a sharing medium.its main attraction?mp3 files.some of us might still remembr @find bla3,dir,ls,/ctcp bla3 and many more mirc commands to grab files from fservs.

That was a long long time ago.from this filesharing activities,people learn to socialize and form interest groups in private channels.prominent examples are #helloproject,#linux,#unipet etc.

And then,there's GV.

What is GV?GrapeVine.utp forum.much like our current k5.but with stricter mods+hardcore writers who love to flame one another.and can be accessed throughout utp.there,I only love reading.I don't post much,partly because of the fear of being ridiculed by mods n other regular writers over there.

Students living in that era will remember the otais back then.effi,snubby,genjo,mangifera,yayi n a few others.

I wasn't popular in both services.just because im still young at that time compared to seasoned seniors.and im not interested in this happy as long as I can get my latest mp3s and vclips.

And then something happened.utp network was sliced into pieces.each village with their own ip schemes introduced.they used to be we r separated.the first service to suffer was grapevine.n then mirc.

The server was located in v3/v4 but most of the regular GV writers live in v5.and during the early separation process,mirc network only limited to each village.n then there was novell u still remember your novell login id?

I still do.

So what happened after that?the opers tried to restore connectivity between villages by connecting village servers to one another by using proxies.but situation changed rapidly.most juniors never bothered about mirc n gv.year fter year,it becomes worsened.then there came kampung5.originally intended as temporary gv replacement,k5 popularity grows as it gained attention from ex gv users in v5.most of gv users are disappointed with the move of gv to outside server.the slow page loading of gv makes k5 a superior choice bcos of its location in V5.

And then there is this server called dc++.started by ahca@helloproject,I was one of the experimental team for the dchub server.more or less,the popularity of dc++ hub grows each day as it follows the web2.0 definition.what is web2.0?traditional internet are passive internet whereby users login, get something and then logout.web2.0 extends more than lets users participate,contribute,share and do much more with the internet.

This is what dc++ is for.participation from the users,compared to trditional filesharing under mIRC,makes dc++ a better choice for filesharers.

Although the importance of mirc decreases day by day,the legacy still continues.we can say that less than 300 active users of mirc still exists but its presence is still needed,as long as the people are there

I still hope that despite the tremendous pressure from network condition of utp,itms and the users themselves, that 10 years from now,I still can see and dc++ is still here in utp,and I can say proudly that im part of it long ago.

So what does the future has to offer to the new generation of utp students?the answer really lies in the hands of the students themselves.they can choose to support the communication method as it is right now or dump it for something new and fresh.I just don't want to see the so-called modern messengers like gtalk/ym/msn replace the functionality of mirc networks.yes,indeed mirc has been around in decades,but its not outdated at all.I hope that all the juniors would understand this and start to embrace the mirc once again and bring back the golden era of utp network.

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Farah K said...

i'm one of mirc user.. what i can tell is, i enjoyed myself to the max with other users..instead of supplying latest tv series and movie to utp community, we shared problems,views on current issues and events happened around utp. to top up, I obtained all the news/announcement in UTP faster than anyone else. kudos mirc utp..may your legacy will be continue by the juniors.