Sunday, November 30, 2008

48 hours without a handset (and counting)

its been 48 hours since i sent my broken handset for repairs. called the shop yesterday. they told me to wait for another two days for the spare parts. getting nauseaus already, missing my dopod XOXO. i officially named my dopod as XOXO cos it resembles gossip girls handset lol. i know its kinda girly, but hey, i even named my hard drives comel ok? trying to make things look cute is not a crime. but trying to be cute is disastrous for a guy like me hahahaha.

im bored to death. cant text anyone. cant call anyone. even my sim doesnt have any contacts. everything is inside the phone. sigh. silly me not backing up the data in the first place. i just pray they leave the software alone and not reset the data inside. sigh. it'll be a pain in the ass grabbing back all the contacts in the phone.

so im stuck here waiting for kN to lend me her handset temporarily. where are you kN...

on a positive note, tomorrow is my mum's birthday. i pray for her health and prosperity. bought her a tudung as a present. i hope she'll like it.

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