Tuesday, November 25, 2008

about my relationship

how long?

1yr+. aniversary? nil. on off on off. the chase never ends. that's what makes it interesting. she really does know well how to play hide n seek. n when to ease off just when im about to give up.

kalau jiwang 24 jam seminggu 7 hari bosan lah. kan f00?

we certainly dont have the best love story, but certainly our story is not a classic one. both hard headed, both born with temper problems. and both have a big fat E that sticks out of our head (ego). and the fights? hahah. kalah laki bini.

but who knows how sweet can we be when we're not into fights :D

how does its started? (the relationship)

friend. enemy. friend. close friend. very close friend. er. how much closer can u get luls.

tgh cuti. texting. bosan. call. bosan. texting. call. n then kuar lirik lagu. n then kuar lirik2 kompesen. n then kompesen dah tak jadik lirik lagu dah. hahah.

is she/he the one? (so far..)


what u like most about him/her?

lets just say everything about her. well, except her temper. hahah.

wat i like the most? when i make her smile. sense of ego-feeding orgasmic pleasure when i can turn her frown into smile whenever she's down. nothing beats that.

best moment of us?

dapat kad + soft toy. berani dia bg soft toy kat aku ni?! grr dah la muka garang, xmacho bakk aa simpan soft toy hahah. tp first time dpt dr org. kinda agitated luls.

saddest moment of us?

im graduating. she has one more semester. we have 1 more week to be spent together. suddenly she fell sick. a really painful disease. she even refused to meet me because it's affecting her face and might leave a scar. after quite a lengthy comforting, i managed to get a nod for a last date. and god knows how devastated i am to see her fell sick like that. i would want to switch places with her if i could, but i just couldnt. but i know, 'berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul'. semoga cepat sembuh ye syg.

n the next day she went home, thus ending our relationship in utp abruptly, and starting our ldr. i wont be here anymore. sad sad sad

long distance? what gives you the trust to hold on a relationship?

im proud to say that we actually became closer during LDR. nothing tops the feeling of being back together after a long suffering separation :b and i trusted her with all my heart (kadang2 je jeles. stendet la tu. jeles tanda sayang, bkn tanda xpecaya hahahah)

bcos i know, she's not the fllirting type. she's the garang type. rawr! tah camne aku leh brani kompes aku pn tatau. hahah.

harap berkekalan. harap xde halangan orang tua. harap jodoh panjang. itu jela.


bila begadoh tu, dah tau sorang tu mmg temper, biar je dia. dalam 2 3 jam (worst case, sehari dua) cooldown blk ok la. jgn gatal2 g pujuk lak. lg teruk kene marah kang (applicable hanya kepada yg ade pasangan bad temper SAHAJA. len2 dulik hape aku nk pujuk2 lol)

ps - ye saya kompes sy kapel ngan adik member. ade masalah?

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