Sunday, November 30, 2008

its 3am and i know its unusual to post an unusually long blog post at this time lol

just watched mr n mrs smith. hahahah. surprisingly this story is just like me n my gf. story of ego and hardheadedness. brutality in fights lol. but, when its sweet, only we know how sweet can it be. isnt it honey? :p

semester is ending. my undergraduate studies is ending. im counting days now. waiting for my clearance. turns out i still owe utp rm90 worth of fines. all three back in may 2007, even before my internship. and now have to wait for approval for fine reduction. for goodness sake rm 90 is worth more than a week's living cost here! i just hope i can get a reduction up to rm30-40

so this is it. might be my last post for my blog from utp (if i dont have the mood to write again these few days lol). here i want to dedicate some sayonara greetings to my some of special ones:

my one and only girlfriend, noor akmal:
thank you and sorry for everything, my girl. thanks for all the care. and letting me care for you. letting me share your problems whenever you need someone. letting me be a bad bf and still forgives me. and most importantly for letting me love you =)

i know our last days together in utp was certainly not the best times we had, but circumstances are not on our side, and i believe both of us understands it completely, though i must say im very disappointed =( if only i could turn back time b, if only i could.

i know we always had fights. over small things. and sometimes our fights are really hideous. well, most of the times. maybe that's our strength, really kan syg?

but remember the good times will you? those bunnies i sent to you every night. tha birthday song i sang to you on your birthday. my first present for you (the blue thing =) the kenduri with sedondon baju raya thing. the moment u gave me the bunny. the card u wrote to me spontaneously. and lastly, my next present for you. im sure ure going to be surprised. really2 surprised ;)

those are the things that really makes me miss you so much.

you are my baby. and will always be my baby =)

my beloved roommate, gaban:
i know this will sound gay, but he is certainly the best roommate i had. thank you for respecting my privacy. and though both of us never really talked to each other until recently, i still respect you.

tq sbb ajak makan. ajak g ipoh. bahan kimok sama2. usha jikku berkasih sayang bersama2. kena orbit pon sama2 hahah. sori sbb kincat ko pasal bazler eh. hahah. jgn amik siyes rumet. da 3 thn duk sama lol. pape pun best of luck yer rumet tersayang.

osmet kimok n jikku:
dulu jarang lepak sama. kos pon lain2. tp lepas intern selalu mkn sama. sori kimok bnyk bahan hang. takde lele, hang la mangsa. hahah jikku, cirit2 kasih sayang pon still xlupa osmet. cayalah asenel. hahah

bdk2 civil len:
thanx for these wonderful 4-5 years together. geng2 semsas. geng2 budu. geng2 lifuki n matle.dak2 pompuan yg siyesli aku tak kenal sgt pn b4 intern hahahah. x lupa ct haida. tengs for all the notes. i realy really really appreciate it syg (usop jgn marah haa =p) wish u guys all the best. nnt dah berkarier gaji 5figure jgn lupa member yer hehe

tengs sbb jadik a very good girl friend. tq sbb not judgmental towards me. though i know u had this hostile thought of me, but i think even the meanest guy in this world would think twice, no, thrice, to do bad things to you simply because, well, you are too sweet. yeah i said it lol. you are sweet, not bajet sweet. hihi.

good luck in life. nnt nk buat nasik minyak jgn lupa jemput yer hahaha.

ni cenel takleh lupa nih. the channel that lets me express myself without ppl being judgmental. thanx 4 everything. this is where i learn that virtual relations can be expressed in reality. thanx for all the maples and mekdis and kepsis.

n this is where i found my love too. hahaha.

gud lak everyone. yg blom grad tu semoga dapat score and secure a good job later

tq sbb jadik kwn yg bek. aku ade problem leh cite kat ko.

aku konpes aku x gay sekian.

mekaseh jadik rakan lepak aku masa kat klcc dulu. aku tau ak ni membosankan. dahla mulut laser xde insuran. tahan gak telinga ko tuh ye. agaknya dah bese kene tala ngan munir kot hahah.

tq for helping me hooking up with chunk. and well, for breaking us apart once =b i know u only think the best for both of us. and i know i was stupid at that time. well, i still think of you as a special friend. not far enough to be a stranger, and not close enough to be too personal to each other. thus the status lets us share our problems without guilt or feeling hostile.

frankly i dont know why i joined this channel in the first place. im from the 2nd generation. the time when yatie was still with ash. and mazrep, munir was still unheard of in this channel. i enjoyed each and every outings i have with u guys. thank you very much for pretty much everything =)

sori terhutang lama sikit duit mum. nk wat camne im in financial trouble and i know i was at fault.mayb i spent too much. bkn xmo baya utang, im trying my best. jgn sbb hutang putus kawan. aku tau ade lg baki hutang n believe me, im working on it.

and just in case youre wondering, i paid it using my own money. not hers ok.

tq sbb bg aku peluang masuk circle korg. stat dr v2 lg. mekaseh sbb aja aku cane nk paham kecek klate. n ganu. hahah.

tq for the great bbq yesterday. it was awesome.

not much to say, tp tq jelah for the evening exercise kat padang v4 hahah

nice staying there, though i dont use linux regularly. even for the servers, i use BSD. haha. but it doesnt matter as long as we're in the *NIX family =b

dc++ team
tq for the bans, recommendations, help etc2x. i really appreciate it. its been a year since i take over this hub, and its been a great pleasure serving utp students

i guess thats all for now. utp will always be in my heart. and i ranked it as my number two, after kys for my favourite place =) thanx everyone around me. directly or indirectly involved in my life - pacik macik gad, pak ali, tokei2 kafe len, brader koept, akak kopet, semoga dapat baby comel nnt yer hehe, macik cleaner, brader itm ass, staf2 n lecerer.

bye bye utp. sayounara.


escapad said...

ko mmg gay.. sekian.. miahahah..
da keje jgn lupa banjer aku makan byk2.. lol

Kay-N said...

wow de name aku kt cni..hehe..thnx ropi..wlaupn aku kdg2 bias ngn ko or ko nmpk aku cm xske kwn ngn ko..tuh sme halusinasi ko..hahahaha...jge chunk bek2..klo x aku pkul ko nnt!!hehe..

life as described by a mere mortal said...

mazrep, ko doa la aku dapa t keje bes sket. dem teringin lak keje petronas.

ala kN, mmg ko diskriminasi aku pn hahah. watever. xyah la risau, ak jg chunk tu leklok smpi bila2 insya allah