Tuesday, December 2, 2008

and this, my friend, is a goodbye post

my matric card. been using it for almost a year. my original went missing just after my internship. it doesn't matter. a credential proof of my status as a UTP student, this card has served me for a full 5 years. kinda sad parting with it. btw, i have to surrender it back to utp to be destroyed.

so many memories with it. sweet and bad ones.

no matter how i said i dislike utp, deep in my heart, there's always love for it. i used to wish that time turns faster so that i can graduate earlier, but these times, i only think of good times when i was here. things i regret doing. things i regret not doing. lessons of life i took from my experience being here.

and how i found love, hatred, friends, cliques, mates and foes.

thank you sayang. u taught me how to love unconditionally

thank you friends. u taught me how to treat people right.

thank you foes. for showing me my bad spots.

thank you utp. i owe you lessons of life.

thank you ESU. i owe you rm90k.


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