Thursday, December 25, 2008


finally! got my SPM n PMR certs! i know it's kinda late, it's been 5 years since i last stepped onto the KYS compound. I was dumbfounded. Really really really dumbfounded. KYS has changed so much! No more rubber and palm estate around it. So many developments around the area. I think they're building bungalows there. lol.

Now I really feel Im getting older.

Mr Tan Cheh Li, my favourite Add Maths teacher is going to be the Academic Manager. Kak Lijah, my favourite admin secretary no longer works there. the synthetic field is no longer used. and the list goes on.

those things make me think, have i changed too? a lot? a little? i think maybe i am. for the better or not, im not really sure, but i think i'm more realistic now. not setting my goals higher than what i used to. maybe a bit mature, but i cannot deny that my social skills are waning as time goes by.

on a positive note, that might be a sign for me to change something in my life. Which I'm doing right now. transition from student to a career life.

wish me all the best my dearest friends =)

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