Friday, December 5, 2008


yes u read them right. my clearance form. my ultimate graduation proof. well, it may seem incomplete, but it's meant to be that way. both the exam n registration will only be certified once the result for this semester is out, in a month or so.

tomorrow i'll surrender my room's key to RC (residential college) office.

thus, i, Mohd Asyrafi Abd Halim, is officially an alumni of UTP and currently unemployed, now a liability to society, with all the subsidies and tax exemptions, medical fees, etc.

why bother? heck ive been studying for 10 years straight without a break (5yrs secondary school, and shortly after, 5 yrs of undergraduate). i dont mean study break, but a real break like really lepak2 and doing nothing to contribute to society. hahah.

kinda like it.

but i still miss her.

chow, gotta pack my things. going back home tomorrow =)

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