Tuesday, December 30, 2008

@home, bored to death

people say doing nothing for such a long time will shrink your brain.


i really feel like my brain is just a bit bigger than a walnut. it became something lazy. lazy to think for me. lazy to memorise for me. lazy to decide for me.

does this count as brain dead?

well, looking at a positive light, i'm not really doing nothing. i did submit the replacement teacher application form just now. i did follow up with my Master's application in UTP this morning. and i drove my granny's sister to the hospital today. and i did go to a 'kenduri' as well. and at 6pm, i accompany my mum doing some shopping. oh, almost forgot that today i apply for celcom unlimited broadband.

nice eh?

so im kinda tired now. well, those things i did justify why my brain is lazy right now. its just tired. he2. and now im writing this blog pulak. pity him.

any how, ive written several times for this blog via my pdaphone, but when i post it, its just gone. pissed off, i decided not to rewrite it. or for that matter, i will never write my blog using the handset anymore.

darn it.

btw i never get tired of missing her. sigh. when are we going to see each other b?

so thats all for now, my update for this, er, week? laters


Y0nd13 said...

oo . nak sambung master kat utp goodx2. Maksudnye ko jadi Post grad "hehehehe" . Aku dapat bayangkan segala jenis tool berada kat lab post grad tu nanti.

I am kokokranc said...

well, to yr team n etc, dont be shy lah nnt. tp not confirmed yet lah. still waiting for a nod from admission n registration. sigh