Thursday, January 1, 2009

the not-so-happy-new-year for me

when asked about my new year, i dont have much to comment. to be honest, i dont really celebrate any new year - at all. I dont even watch the countdown. Why? honestly, i dont see the point of celebrating another day in a year. It just mark the beginning of a new calendar. nothing significant anyway. and all those firework displays? concerts? entertainment overload? waste of time and money. those celebrations are just for brats who dont know where else to throw away their parent's money.

sorry for the harsh statement. it's been a bad day for me.

first, the lcd display of the latop i borrowed from my friend blacked out. turns out it has some problem with its backlight.

then ive got this bad flu. i slept the whole day in the new year! just woke up. still dizzy and suffering from running nose till now.

then the usb ports on my desktop are behaving crazily. which means nothing can be connected to my desktop pc. except for the mouse. darn

on a positive note, today is the first day of my celcom broadband postpaid subscription. so you'll be seeing me update this blog frequently. that is, if im not busy and in the mood of writing :)

each day this blog is becoming like my personal diary, instead of the place where i put my thoughts. i think im going to change my tone a bit in my next posts. maybe post about sports, politics etc.

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