Sunday, January 4, 2009

kedah 4 - 1 selangor (oh sorry, it was the other way around)

thanks kedah for the beautiful football tonight. but what we really need are goals! not superb display of football!

the most un impressive player is the gk, helmi eliza. not to blame him fully, but he's really prone to error when there's ball around him. it looks like he wants to show off his punching skills but the truth is, he failed miserably. i dont blame him for the first goal, it is indeed a brautiful goal. but i can't stand the 2nd and third. why punch the ball when you can safely clutch the ball to your chest? we don't mind it if it was a good punch to clear the ball, but when he misjudged it, it really makes him look stupid.

and to the strikers, esp muhymen, this is not a target practice. this is a football match. cup match. community shield cup finals. what's the use of strikers if they can't even direct the ball towards the goal? let alone score goals. but the only goal was a beauty, i must admit. why do you have to wait until minutes before time to play on par with your performance? when you did, it's already too late.

come on! where's the finish lads? all i can see was a flowing football from kedah. but from the possession kedah enjoyed, only a few does hit the target and only one was in. kinda sad actually.

congrats to selangor.

condolences to kedah. maybe nextime, who knows

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