Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the call (sila baca sambilpasang lagu the call-bsb)

still waiting for the call. most of my friends already have. and im stuck here. still waiting for the call.

sorry for the lack for updates. it's been 3 days im with my grandpa. just hope he can recover soon so i can go back to job hunting.

seems that my loan bond has been a major reason why my resumes are being rejected. had to remove that part.


and just yesterday, i received my result transcript. kinda late, really. now only i can apply jobs using my degree, instead of my SPM.

just... pray for me lah. sigh.

ps- i sighed a lot lately. "sindrom anggur" has gotten into me, i guess. sigh


Keefoo Lee said...

from what they inform me during interview, everyone will be interviewed by GTS. don't worry. keep your fingers crossed and be patient while waiting.

Piggy said...

bcs of 'pet scholar'?