Saturday, January 10, 2009

@hospital kulim, just got back from 8hour drive

got back home at 3am last night.should be earlier,but mum decided to drop by at grandpa's house because it's just on the way home.

turns out he had fallen and puked out blood last friday. my mum was afraid that there mey be an internal bleeding,so she decided to bring him back to our house in Kulim and get an X-ray done to him.

that's why im stuck here in hosp kulim with my gf (i mean, grabdfather lol)

(fyi,my grandpa is paralysed throughout te right side of his body, so his movement is kinda limited)

lets pray he's okay.

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Keefoo Lee said...

i understand the difficulties of taking care of an old man. kuatkan iman~ aku pon kuat beriman bab menajaga org tua nih!