Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 resolution

its already 5% of 2009. i know its late. i know its not that meaningful.

and i know nobody cares.

well, i dont care because this is my personal space. and i'm a firm believer in 'all those small things in life matters'. thats why im going to have a late, simple, but achievable resolution for 2009.

  1. i will stop eating spicy food and chillies that has been my favourite since i was a kid. i believe this will somehow reduce my temper and stomach-hell for me. ive just recovered from 3 weeks of constant diarrhoea. and its a hell. so two birds with a stone. bad stomach and bad temper.
  2. i will get employed in february. no matter what. no matter what job. no matter how much the pay is going to be.
  3. get through [p] interview and impress the interviewer. how? it's a trade secret.
  4. maximum 4 months wait for [p] call-up. then i'll assume they do not want me. i will pursue my dream of flying.
  5. if [p] hires me. i will work for them diligently. but i will still chase my dream. sooner or later.

5 is enough. all achievable. all workable.

my financial goal is to save rm10k bt the end of this year.

good luck to me.


Faiz Rev said...

gudluck Mat~

hazirah aziz said...

perh ropi ade blog!!! add r aku kat blogroll ko~ =P http://beribiru.net

mangifera said...

baru ada kesempatan nak post comment, sorry la, kat opis tenet cam sial.

oh..gudluck with the interview. cara nak impress interviewer? lap dancing sepam. takpun dancing2 yang sewaktu dengannya. hoho.


eh...i pray for you to work with p.

10K? uish...nak gi japan kah? :P