Tuesday, January 13, 2009

result @utp

so this is my final result in UTP. the last one. interestingly it got both A and F! and both are for cocu subjects. lol!

dont worry, that F is for basic dance cocuriculum course, which I have withdrawn earlier for Drama and Theater II. Ironic as it seems, I got an A for that course.


well, thats certainly not the first F i got in my life. I lied to everybody that ive never got an F throughout my years in UTP. In fact, I got F for the whole subjects taken in that particular semester. Want to see it? There you go:

Lol. and the bottom two subjects, Islamic Studies and thinking skills, I got D because of coursework marks. which is a total pity because I got the highest coursework mark or Thinking Skills for that semester. hahahah.

so there you go. Fs for my first and last semesters in UTP. LOL

* can you guess why i got Fs for the whole semester? I will post the answer later, if anyone is willing to guess in the comments section ;)


KEEFOO LEE said...

D for IS? ko x beriman dowh.

saya, ade F sebjik!

I am kokokranc said...

demyu pek.time tu br kuar sekolah la.haha.masih beriman.

dpt D tu sbb coswek je.final aku punah.xwat lsg.

ade sapa2 beminat nk teka nape?lol!

KhairunNadiah said...

eleh..msti ko saket kn??kn????pstuh leh wat supplemet..

klise said...

ITMS terhilangkan data exam ko ke aper terus die tala F tuh? hahahahaha dem mmg sure r gerak tari ko dapat F..... asik nengok video klip pedo jer ko g tibai nari cam berryz koubou.. GG r

beLLe said...

gile cool ko mat dpt F berlambak2. ahahhaha. ape rahsia kejayaan?

I am kokokranc said...

@kN - sipi2. cket lg nk betul dah hahah

@a-rape - salah tu hahah. tp sipi2 gak. demlah kalo aku nari ikut klip pedo sure ramai bini dah skang lol

@belle - aku sangat kool kan belle? nice lah. gonna tick my ToDo list for 2008 (getting hot chicks telling me im cool) lol