Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Uh- oh Bama...

Israel is "our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy," Obama said, assuring his audience that "we must preserve our total commitment to our unique defense relationship with Israel by fully funding military assistance and continuing work on the Arrow and related missile defense programs." Such advanced multi-billion dollar systems he asserted, would help Israel "deter missile attacks from as far as Tehran and as close as Gaza."

"The world must work to stop Iran's uranium enrichment program and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is far too dangerous to have nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical theocracy. And while we should take no option, including military action, off the table, sustained and aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions should be our primary means to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons."

Dear Barack Obama,

Thank you for supporting Israel. Thank you for the remarks on the Palestine-Israel issue. Thank you for showing commitment in funding Israel's defense effort.

Don't worry. read the previous paragraph in a sarcastic tone.

It just doesn't make any sense. Read Obama's statements. It's just plain crude and ignorant. "only established democracy" "help deter missile attacks"?

A democratic country who doesn't respect the democracy of her neighbour? Who doesn't recognised the elected government by the people? Who declared war on its starving, suffering neighbour? Israel never respected Hamas as an elected government in Palestine. They even launch assaults on poorly equipped Hamas millitary wing, al Qassam. Unfortunately, their poor aim always missed the target. Eh, that's not the case, as their technology is the best around the globe. Oh wait, they don't even aim the Palestine freedom fighter, they aim for civillians and children. And they need more "advanced multi billion dollars system" just to aim at more civillians and children. Killing Palestine freedom fighter will not do them good, because if there's no resistance from the Palestinians, there wil be no excuse for them to kill more civillians and children.

what a sadistic retard.

and those rockets are not even big missiles. theyre just small rockets, fired unaimed.

And what's this call for Iran to stop it's nuclear program? What about Israel? This terrorist state clearly has the most nuclear arms in the region. With a clear intention on going to war with its neighbours, doesn't that make them vulnerably dangerous?

We don't have high expectation on your administration Mr Obama. But your latest stance is, at least, very shocking and mildly unbelievable. we certainly wouldn't have thought you would be so biased towards the Zionists.

All the best when you're in power Mr Obama. Now we know, no matter what the face of the President of US looks like, no matter what color he is, no matter what origin he came from, are really just more or less from the same crop.

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