Saturday, January 17, 2009

cyber warfare and as for the extra: KEPUTUSAN PILIHAN RAYA KECIL P36 KT

interesting. who knows that someday the "harmless" world wide web will be the war zone. Interesting, though how this pak arab deals with those hackers.

and Islamic hackers are on it, too:

on a similar occasion, there are also local cyber warfare, too, thanks to PRK P36 KT:

and for the note, Pas won in KT with majority 2000+. congratulations.

dah menang jgn lupa janji2 tanggungjawab kat rakyat.

btw, as usual, when Barisan Nasional lost a by-election, no immediate announcement on the results by the mainstream medias is made.

boo Malaysian media. u suck.