Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pizza karaoke and a broken handset

just now went to pizza hut batu gajah with my roommate + housemate. ordered quite a lot of food. n then went for karaoke session. for us 1 hour of karaoke is more than enough lol.

btw i got a call from an amoi just now. its regarding my handset. she said the cost to repair is rm280 an it will take them 10 days to repair it. what the effing hell is that supposed to mean? u take 10 days to replace lcd of one stupid pdaphone? are they stupid or just plain lazy? i shouted angrily, trying to negotiate for earlier deadline for the phone, but to no avail. idont care about the cost, i just want my phone to be normal again!

anyone with disappointing set of dopod 838 pro (its a hermes btw)? care to share? where to find a decent repair shop in the northern part? or for that matters, an official retailer for this stpid phone im having in these areas? penang would be good enough.

i googled about this handset and found out that its touchscreen lcd is problematic. any experienced users care to share?

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