Saturday, December 13, 2008

a week after

A week after.nothing much still jobless.spent 3 days for iduladha.after that went for dental check up.need to remove my wisdom tooth.what a pity.also,i helped the renovation of my parent's house in dont know.tomorrow i might go to 'pejabat pendidikan' to apply for temp teaching job.if time permits,i may look for any construction office and try handing out my resume.

But i really want a job in petronas!god help me.i hope they will call for interviews and i'll be recommended for OPUs.

I came across one article about mukhriz mahathir a few days ago.he had been labeled 'racist' just because he suggests that we should abolish vernacular schools and replace them with national schools.this is,not the suggestion,but the racist label.which one is more 'racist'?trying to unify people through one school system or supporting racial polarization by allowing each race with its own school system?

It's up to us to my opinion one national school system is not impossible,and the unifying effect will benefit everyone.

Although racism will always be there,but being conservative will not help much.the solution is,open up our mind and be more receptive to changes instead of opposing it.

So here's my to do list after graduation:
Grab an effin job! Doesnt matter wat, maybe temp, maybe permanent, i dont really care.mb temp teacher will suffice
Get celcom broadband 68 package,without the contract.
Settle clearance @ utp
Settle fyp claims
Dental checkup - need to remove my wisdom tooth


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ah. great. good for you. start climbing the stairs now.

aku lama lagi. hihi.

Kay-N said...

wow~~ropi jadik cegu ke??
err..ropi..jgn pedo yer..
ksian dak2 skola xbsalah tuh..hihi~~

beLLe said...

kagom nye ropi nk jadik cekgu
btol2 ckp kN
jgn jd PEDO okayhh

I am kokokranc said...

dem aaa. aku xpedo. xcaya? tanya cang