Sunday, February 15, 2009

bye bye

i am going to abandon my blog.

bye bye semua. our days are over.

its been good hanging out with you guys in utp. all the good things will be kept in memory. the bad ones? poured it down the drain already.

im repeating what ive done to my schoolmates :) hilang tanpa khabar. no reunion whatsoever.

if we meet again, it will be in good terms. harap tak ada yang berdendam. kalau ada, pls leave comments here. i will apologise personally or if needed, publicly. i give you guys seven days to do so. please be frank. i know ive been an annoying bastard, loves bitching and suka menyampuk. just tell me if you have any grudges.

kalau ada hutang, jangan risau. i wont forget them. i will pay you back when i got my first salary.

i have found myself and will move on. hope that you guys will fare better in life. may you guys have a great convocation. im sorry if i cannot make it. and most probably i won't make it.

chill. and sayonara. goodbye. selamat tinggal. salam. tschuss.


Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

bai ropi

aku memang menghargai jasa ko share stok2 baru


Syed @ Don said...

kenapa ko ceraikan blog neh?
da 2-3 blog aku encountered tutup tetiba neh. penyakit?

Y0nd13 said...

dah kejo kut

bLosSom86 said...

what happened?
tak fun ahh camni
g bukak tafsir AlQuran,surah Al BaqArah, ayat bape tak ingat, one of the point is Allah asked us to jaga silaturrahim sesama manusia which means bila ko nk menghilang maksudnye nk putus silaturrahim.haa
hee:D jgn ah cmni wokeh

Yanne said...

hahah.. tak kenal ko tp suke bace blog ko..

rilek la dulu..

Farhan Iqbal said...

ouh bro...
wat heppang?
wa bru je smpi blog...
klo mls menulis pon, update je la setahun skali...