Saturday, February 28, 2009

simple guide to obtain a CPL/IR (frozen ATPL) - dont click if you dont know what this means! luls!

some intro picture.


okay. picture this:

1. You just graduated. went through interviews. phailed! looking for jobs for months but to no avail. wtf. economic recession my ass.
2. You graduated with flying colors. offered a job. or working diligently. but no one noticed your efforts! somehow, you want adventure! and fly away from all those bonds and ties. create your own future!
3. you dream of carrying 400 lives safely from LAX to LHR (IATA, go figure hahahah) since you're a baby. and you always marvel at aviation and avionics technology.

so you came across a blog, and found a step by step guide to apply for a flying school, and ultimately be a pilot! luls.

welcome2. i will guide you step by step. dont worry. this will be the latest info as of february 2009.

lets skip the craps and begin.

1st step: Get an Approval letter from DCA

what is DCA? its short for "department of civil aviation". jabatan penerbangan awam or something like that.

send them a letter stating that you're interested in enrolling for CPL/IR (frozen ATPL) course in any certified flying school in Malaysia.

better still, go there and ask for the form.

this is the address

Director of Flight Operations
Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia
Level 2, Blok Podium B
Lot 4G4, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre

bring along certified true copy of your IC AND SPM results (if you do this by mail, include both of these into your mail)

be patient as this will take, at most, a week to be processed. dont worry, as DCA will send you the approval letter through mail.

2nd step: take a look at available flying schools

here are the list of popular schools:

03 5635 2180 (hq) - kb, kelantan
03-20923177/019 2819310 (registrar office and hp)

06 317 4026 or 06 317 4834

(603)-2283 5309

IT&S - Ipoh
(sori website takder tgh maintenance)
i want to stress on this - DO CALL THEM PLEASE!

i know there are forums dedicated to flying, eg but there's no other way to get the facts straight than to get them from the flying schools themselves.

you'll be surprised how happy they are to entertain your questions.

*hint - call the hq on matters pertaining intakes and financing. if you call the school directly, they will probably direct you to the hq anyway.

ask for these particulars (with no orderly manner)
- Deposit
- reg fees
- overall fees (including hostels and meals)
- additional fees (textbooks, headgears, uniforms)
- Surcharge for fuel (like airplane tickets, they really follow current fuel prices)
- extra fees for extension?- financing? MARA? Agrobank?

- next vacant intake and its frequency of intakes (typically around 6-10 intakes per year)

i would like to recommend apft and ggifa. both are new and intakes are not as much as other schools. and at the end of your studies, you will have cpl/ir (frozen atpl) AND a diploma in Aviation Management. cool. one honours degree, one diploma and a flying license! nothing is cooler than that! luls!

btw, ggifa used to be the cheapest, rm190++k but now, latest info, it'll cost you around rm275k (including hostel and meals). and they havent updated their website yet, so beware yer. too bad! i was considering this school dulu :( nak belajar kat sarawak! luls.

and some flying school accept online application, too ie apft.

ladies and gentleman. the moment of truth. the important step:

3rd step: dipping your both feet into the water (committing)

if you have done all of the things above, please take note that, if you would like to take MARA loan, typically you'll be ready to start your lesson within less than 6 months, depending on your loan provider.

one big tips - AVOID APPLYING MARA AFTER SPM RESULTS ARE BEING ANNOUNCED. try applying before spm results (not applicable to spm leavers). why? you will be competing with thousands of spm candidates who apply for MARA and their office will probably congested with forms.

anyhow, back to the guide.

basically there are a few steps involved:
1. apply for school
2. apply for loan (MARA and bank loan) using letter of acceptance issued by the school
3. pay the deposit - amounting up to rm15k (letter of placement issued by school) - this is what the bank loan is for
4. start flying! (er ground training first! be patient aa =)

next: entah, depends on my mood to write. luls. part 3 xabeh lagi. maleh lak nk sambung, so laters la ek. i promise to finish this in a fortnight.

ps - dont bug me or ask me anything about my own experience. i did it the hardest way. i wont tell. any clarification, just call the respected flying schools i mentioned. and i dont want to bear any responsibilities on any misinformation.


Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

ni licence commercial pilot ke ropi?
pkai spek boley ke?

penJelaJahJuJur said...

pilot je ke or blaja technical part gk?

aku dgr klu blaja technical tuh mmg bleh bwk.. tp jet j kot, bkn plane..

whatever pun, chayokkk~~!

kokokranc said...

@pekro - bulih. mata hang bulih. tapi dah bapak hang kerja airforce kan? masuk pakai airforce jela hahaha.

@eena - sila google cpl/ir(frozen atpl). dalam brochure flying school pn ada syllabus.

ila ni said...

disebabkan entri menarik ini, aku @ saya link kann blog ini tanpa kebenaran!