Monday, February 23, 2009

great songs, effin great songs, CB

luls. when i read about this, i just luled.


so if you girls thought that guys who cud play you guitar, sing to you a love song, have a great boyish looks, mellow hearted can give you all the love you need, better think again.

rihanna the victim of domestic violence. and surprise, surprise, guess who's beating her up?

luls. i just cant help it but luls.

remember direktor-muda-anak-daddy yang membelasah gf beliau yang baru abes sekolah?

luls. just a great luls.

so a side note to all girls out there, if you find a boy who can stand you, even when you're under hormon control a.k.a PMS and never lay his hand on you (understanding is just an option, because, boys can never understand girls) - just keep him.

especially if he comes from a family with no apparent history of domestic violence.

prospects of finding a right guy now is very slim, considering our time where stress and work overload is a norm.

and if you left him for a better guy with a lot more money and better looks, chances are, you'll end up like actress-mix-baru-abes-sekolah-kene-tampar-dengan-anak-datuk or like rihanna.

luls. and better luls.

padan muka. memilih sangat


ps- if your annoyed with all the luls, luls means LOL, or laughing or 'haha' in chatting terms. and yes, i like to annoy people.




Mohd Najmie said...


KhairunNadiah said...

annoying gle ropi~~haha

oh..laki mane2 same je kot..yg xpukul2 org pun kalo dicabar ego nye pukul gk~~~lg2 dh dpt power n title "suami"

4 relationship tolak ansur adalah penting..dh tau awek pms..kamu laaaaa plak COOL!!! =)

hoho kalo xthn plak ngn awek PMS..better think again!!kg xpasal2 kne tngkap sbb blasah org~hihi..

as easy as abc kn??xsnggup??blah ler~heheeee~~

yatie said...


xde pape jugak..hahah

Munir said...

ada satu part cam aku terasa tetiba-tiba. aku gi penang. aku tak ajak. pastu tetiba aku terasa cam aku je neh.

hopefully la bukan aku. kang panjang lak komen aku.