Wednesday, February 25, 2009

journey of life?

tagged by don.

so here it goes:

After travelling a long way, you had
reach a final junction towards your
success. On this junction there are two roads to be chosen. The first road offers you an easy path but at longer journey, very very long one compared to
the other one. The second is
extremely short but also very very difficult as people said "most of the
people traveled this road never returned".

Which road will you
take? (no one can take both road at a same time)
Why do you not choose the
other road?
What is the example in your life showing that you actually did
choose the road you stated?

lets just say the long way is a proven method, and the short way is full of uncertainties ahead.

the first road, long but proven, is an easy journey. just cruise with the flow, and you will get there, eventually, with Allah's will. a simple example will be to work with the government. most of us will agree that working in a government sector is less stressfull han working in private companies. and you must know how to trump cards (a metaphor, not asking you to gamble!) in order to make yourself known to your bosses. (if you dont know what i mean, just
after a while, go and enjoy your pension. go plant fruit trees. rear cattles. stay in the village. or watever you can imagine yourself doing at 55.

offtopic - i still cant believe our current PM is imagining himself doing those kind of things after he retires, in front of thousands of people! that was really an insult! no vision, no aim to improve himself or the country for goodness sake! least he can say, "i will be writing a book on etc2." or "i will look after the people in my constituency".

but "balik kampung tanam jagung"?!! not our pm please!

ok back to the tag.

as for the short route, its unproven, and we have to face obstacles to get to the top.

one thing for sure if we want to make it in the second road: we must dare to fail. and be persistent in bouncing back. it doesn't matter how many times you fall, but the most important thing is, you bounce back higher than ever before.

the most important thing when taking this course of life is having a backup plans. if youre taking degree in engineering, but you cannot finish it, what will you do? if you're not eligible for [p] interview, what's your exit plan? if you failed to secure a job in [p] what will you do? if you re not given the scholarship to pursue your dream career of flying, what will be your next step?

the key is planning ahead. they say "if you fail to plan, than youre planning to fail".

but i think that it's good to plan to fail. i mean, not to fail, but plan an exit plan if we fail.

got what im saying?

suppose we're filling a jar of milk into a glass. instead of thinking that eventually the glass will be filled with milk, we think of what is going to happen if the glass is shattered to pieces. what if the glass is already filled with red syrup? (itll be a bandung luls) what will happen if the milk overflows? or the glass is upside down? or a hollow glass? think hard. and even harder.

think outside the box.

then you will know what you want. what you need. what you have. what will you have. who can provide you with leverage, either financially or psychologically.

and you will see life will become much easier for you. and less cruel than what you have thought :)

as for me, i will take the second road.

why not first road? simple. its boring.

and i like to challenge life. not waiting to be challenged luls.

and just like what im doing right now. instead of letting [p] determine the path of my life, i carve my own.

and i think it's worth every single penny.

the conclusion? i give you the freedom to conclude my post. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. some would like a stable job, unlike me. its up to you to decide =)


another 2oclock post. sigh.

ps - sorry for the red corrections from don's post. im very particular about proper grammar, esp the usage of particles (eventhough i never checked my own grammar luls)


Syed @ Don said...

correction and answer noted =P

mangifera said... is full of uncertainties. possibility here and there.

if i had been given a chance, i would choose the shorter road. easy, you're young, your ass could take the fall and you're most unlikely to have osteoporosis that make your bone crumble in one go. your heart is as healthy as any new born baby so any shock or surprise could be handled well.

well, while you're young, go fly the world and enjoy its view. but remember where your heart with, where it belongs to. cause to have enjoy the world, you sometimes need to left your heart out. make sure you remember to retrieve it back.


if you got me, then godspeed.

otherwise, god bless.

kokokranc said...

hehe. dont worry. ill be flying soon. i cudnt agree more on leaving the heart somewhere part. so true.

but in my circumstances, ive got no one to giv my heart to. ihave no best friend. no gf. no one to share my life with. like you, you have your sis kan :) so i think its better i keep it for myself.

gosh, i hope i can find someone to open up soon luls.